Split is the second biggest town in Croatia located right in front of the Adriatic coastline. It's known for the historic architecture in the center of the city as well as its blue cave in the ocean. The Mediterranean promenade is a hotspot for relaxing strolls, enjoying the sunset and eating delicious street food.

Where is Split? It is placed in the middle of Croatia at the Adriatic Sea. The closest cities are Trogir and Makarska. From there you can reach the National Park Krka within 1 hour by car.

How is the climate and weather in Split? The country is located at the Adriatic coast which borders to the Mediterranean Sea. Overall, there is a Mediterranean climate in Croatia. The summers in town are warm with high temperatures and the winters are mild.

How to get to Split? You can fly to the airport nearby or the airports in Zadar or Dubrovnik and then go by rental car. It's also possible to reach the city by train or by coach.

What is the currency in Split? The currency is KUNA. Right now, 1 KUNA equals 0,13Euros (February 2021). You can withdraw money at the location or exchange it as needed.

How expensive is travelling in Split? Due to its location at the coast, it is a huge touristic area. Accommodation and dining out can get pretty expensive in the center. If you want to save some money, we recommend you to plan your trip in advance and look for accommodations away from the city center.

When is the best time to travel to Split? To fully enjoy the sunny spirit of the city, the best time to travel is in the summer from May till September.

What are some must-visit spots in Split? The city has a lot to offer. Most importantly is the visit to the center to see the famous Old Town. Walking within the old city walls is free of charge and absolutely stunning. Don't miss out on the promenade and the Marjan Hill close by.