How to get to know Split while travelling on a budget

Located in the middle of Croatia right in front of the Adriatic coast, Split is a cultural and historic part of the country. It has a modern urban vibe combined with Dalmatian tradition. There are a lot of things to do in Split while travelling on a budget. All the points mentioned in this post can be discovered for free.

1.) Split travelling on a Budget – Walk along the promenade

In case you arrive by coach, this is the first thing you will see when you arrive at Split: the beautiful promenade. It’s surrounded by palms, benches and some small food stalls where you can buy delicious street food. So just grab some yummy snacks, go on a stroll and enjoy the view as well as the stunning architecture around you.

2.) Old Town of Split

Get ready for a movie like scenery! The famous Old Town of Split is located right in the center of the city, and it is quite huge. Within a walking distance of approx. 30min you can discover several landmarks like the Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, the Cindro Palace, the Temple of Jupiter and the Let me Pass street. Every sight is bedded in an unbelievable rustic and almost untouched architecture and hidden alleys. It is also very advisable to have a map or at least a corresponding app on your mobile phone. You can get lost very quickly within the small alleys.

Tip: Go in the early morning hours to avoid the crowds.

3.) Split on a Budget – Marjan Hill 

If you leave the city center towards west you will find yourself in a green oasis surrounded by azure water: the Marjan Park. This park is free of charge, and you can discover a large area of nature. Many paths are leading the way up to the hill as well as around the park island. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, like hiking shoes. As the park is pretty huge, your feet could start to hurt at some point.

4.) Go for a swim, snorkel or take a sun bath 

At the coach station in Munich I met a guy that told me that Split is not a suitable city for water activities. Well, I didn’t believe him and found two very beautiful and peaceful swimming locations a bit outside the city. Here, you can find out, where they are. More suitable for families with kids are the beaches Bene Beach, Kasuni Beach, Plaza Kašuni, Plaza Obojena and Jezinac, all located on the Marjan Hill. They are a bit bigger and the water is better to access. Some of them also have a snack bar or even a little restaurant within a short reach.

5.) Cycling, Jogging

Split is amazing for outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling and jogging. Again, the Marjan Park is more than suitable for all of these activities, due to proper paths and streets.

6.) The Green and Fish market

Definitely a highlight if you are accommodated with a kitchen during your stay in Split. The visit of the markets is free of charge. Fish and Groceries still have to be paid for. 

Both markets are not located next to each other. You can find the Green market in the east of the Old Town, almost before entering the gates of the historic city center. The Fish market is based on the west side of the Old Town. Both markets are open every day, but they close quite early in the afternoon. 

Opening hours Green market: 06:00 am – 03:00 pm

Opening hours Fish market: 06:30 am – 01:00 pm (on Sundays only until 12:00pm)

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