Marseille is the perfect combination between French culture and their relaxed way of living, as well as the urban charm of a metropolis that big. Because it is located in the south of France, the Mediterranean climate turns the city into an awesome vacation spot, with a lot of beautiful villages and landscapes in the surrounding area.

Where is Marseille? As a part of the amazing Côte d'Azur the city is located at the Mediterranean Sea in the South of France.

How is the climate and weather in Marseille? The climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers as well as mild and sometimes rainy winters.

How to get to Marseille? Marseille has its own international airport approximately 25 km away from the center. It also has a huge port with connections for example to Corsica, Spain and Italy. Within the city you can also find a main station with good connections throughout France. You also have the possibility to travel by bus or by car.

What is the currency in Marseille? The currency in France is Euro. Right now, 1 EUR equals 1,22 US-Dollar (February 2021). You can withdraw money at the location or exchange it as needed.

How expensive is Marseille? The city certainly is not cheap, but not that expensive as for example Paris. While the shops, restaurants and accommodations in the city center are quite expensive, it is getting cheaper the more you move outside the inner city.

When is the best time to travel to Marseille? Due to the Mediterranean climate you can travel to the city almost during the whole year. Even in December you can get lucky with mild temperatures at around 20°.

What are some must-visit spots in Marseille? The city has a lot to discover and a lot to see. Don't miss out on the highest viewpoint, the Notre-Dame de la Garde and the stunning port, the Vieux-Port. We also recommend the places Vallon des Auffes, Plage du Pharo and Friche la Belle de Mai. If you want to experience an unforgettable ride with your car, motorcycle or bike, drive along the La Corniche de Kennedy during sunset.