• Photography activities to do at home

    Photography activities to do at home while being in quarantine

    We have gathered 5 photography activities to do at home, so you can keep on pressing the shutter even during the current crisis and limitations due to the Corona Virus. If you are loving photography just as we are, you are most likely craving to go outside and photograph the world. This is currently not possible as we have to stay at home to lower the infections and overcome the whole crisis. But we have found a few activities you can do at home, which are also photography related. Positive side effect: The Corona Virus is currently everywhere, in the media, the internet and also in personal (virtual) talks with…

  • How safe is Marseille?

    How safe is Marseille and how to stay safe

    Marseille simply has a bad reputation. That’s a fact. So, it’s totally okay to ask yourself: How safe is Marseille? During our stay we realized that the city has a shadow but it’s not as bad as you might think. We cannot give you a 100 % safe guide through the city. But we can describe what we have experienced while visiting Marseille and give you some tips about where you rather should not go and where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the city. How safe is Marseille: Security standards in Marseille Since a couple of years, the police department put in a huge effort to get and…

  • How to experience Plitvice without people
    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    How to experience Plitvice without people

    Plitvice certainly belongs to the most beautiful places on the planet. Azure water, impressive waterfalls, spectacular landscape and an almost untouched nature. It definitely is worth a visit. The downside of the National Park is the huge amount of people that are walking through it every day. So what can you do to avoid the crowds and to experience Plitvice without people? Tip 1: Use the tracks around the lakes to get from A to B The park is quite huge, but everything is still walkable within a day. If you have some time and don’t mind walking, I really recommend you to not use the boats for crossing the lakes.…